How to Handle an Initial Consultation With a Personal Injury Attorney

Tort Law

Understanding Personal Injury Lawyers

A PI Attorney, or Personal Injury Attorney, is someone who can provide legal advice to someone that was injured physically or psychologically, caused by negligence of a business, government organization, or an individual person.

These lawyers specialize in “tort law” or more commonly known as injury law. This law includes damage (monetary or non-monetary) to a person’ property, reputation, rights, business, or body. Injury attorneys are licensed and trained in all areas of the law; they will typically only handle cases dealing with injury law.

Normally, the most common cases involve injuries, medical malpractice, auto accidents, slip and falls, and defective products.

Personal injury attorneys are also experienced trial lawyers, but for the most part, injury cases will never go to trial, opting instead to be settled out of court. The bar association publishes a standard of ethical and professional codes that all lawyers must adhere to and this of course includes injury lawyers. Injury attorneys can file legal complaints, argue cases, draft legal documents, and offer legal advice to clients amongst other things. The terms “injury lawyers” and “plaintiff lawyers” are interchangeable and they are responsible for client interviews and evaluations of the presented case, identifying smaller issues within the larger complaint, and researching in order to build the best case possible in order to win. The main purposes of their work are to ease their client’ loss and suffering by bringing justice to the situation at hand and winning compensation.

An injury attorney must prove that they consider their client’ best interest at heart and that all personal information is kept confidential. Practicing attorneys must pass long written examinations given by the bar and pass long written ethics exams. They must also complete a four-year degree from a law university or college that is accredited. If all examinations are passed then they are then admitted to the bar, but a Delaware Personal Injury Attorney must remain on top of all legal developments in their field in order to continue practicing personal injury law. In order to be on top of developments in their field of law, they must complete a number of courses on a regular basis. Personal injury attorneys must also complete special certifications in order to practice tort law, this allows the bar to keep track of the lawyer’ knowledge level, and that they are keeping to strict standards required to practice personal injury law.



It never hurts to be prepared for any situation, so here is some advice on how to handle the initial consultation with a personal- injury-attorney.

  1. Research the attorney

First, if you have not already done so, do a little internet research about the attorney. Take a look at the attorney’s website. See if anyone has provide any review of the attorney. This type of information will give you some insight into the attorney and their qualifications prior to the consultation.

  1. Call the attorney’s office and speak to an intake paralegal

Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a hold of the attorney on the first telephone call. Attorney calendars usually stay full and the attorney may or may not even be in the office. Nevertheless, ask to meet with the attorney in person for a short consultation. Also ask what information you should bring to the meeting.

  1. Get your ducks in a row

Before the meeting, get together documentation which may be relevant to your case. These items will likely include your auto insurance policy, photographs, police reports, and any other relevant evidence you may have which is relevant to your case.

  1. Tell the attorney everything

At the consultation, tell the attorney everything. Usually the best way is to quickly tell the attorney your story and then allow the attorney to ask you questions to help the attorney better understand what they consider to be the important aspects of your claim.

Few qualities you should look for in your chosen attorney

  • He has a professional website– Sure you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to hiring a personal-injury-attorney, you can learn a lot by looking at their website. A good attorney understands the importance of having a clean, well-maintained website to present to you. It’s their job to sell themselves to you. And their website is pretty much their resume. Just as a boss wouldn’t hire an employee with a sloppy resume, you should not hire a lawyer with a cheap website.

He and his staff are experienced– With so much at stake, you don’t want to entrust your case to a new personal injury attorney. No, you want someone who knows their way around the court room. Someone who has been in the field for many years and has lots of skills under his belt.

3 Things you Should Know About Meditation for Personal Injury Case’s in Australia

personal injury law in australia

Lawsuits can be emotional, physically and financially draining. However, if you’ve suffered an injury or loss due to another person, it may be necessary to file a civil lawsuit against this individual. Civil litigation in Australia can be a trying time for both the plaintiff and defendant. However, due to the numerous lawsuits that are filed annually the court offers an alternative to taking your case to the court level.

It will be legally necessary to attend mediation, and this is the time for you to resolve the dispute on your own time. It’s ideal to rely on the expertise of a Melbourne personal injury lawyer to help you during your meditation and knowing some details about it beforehand is ideal.

The Mediator

There will be an individual that works with you and the defendant to reach a negotiated settlement. The facilitator has been trained to provide this service and is frequently a retired lawyer or judge.

The role of the mediator isn’t to take sides or to voice an opinion when it comes to the mediation itself. This person should remain indifferent about the entire event other than simply to meet with you and the defendant to discuss the settlement amount.

Location in Australia

Your Australian personal injury lawyer can be extremely helpful to you when it comes to your mediation. This may involve disclosing a lot of details about what you can expect and where this meeting will be held.

It’s most common for a mediated conference to be held in an lawyer’s office. However, there should be a discussion held that will determine the best location for all of the parties that are involved.

The Negotiations

When it comes to deciding on the amount that will settle a case, you and the defendant will typically go into separate rooms. It’s common for all the parties to meet in the conference room and the mediator will typically talk first.

Some of the things a personal injury lawyer in Melbourne may tell you the mediator may say include listing the reasons to settle the case. This may include the uncertainty of going to a jury trial and being able to end the lawsuit now rather than later.

As the plaintiff, you should have a settlement amount in mind and knowing your bottom line is ideal before attending mediation. This can prepare you for any offers that are provided to you at this time.

Mediation can be a nerve evoking experience, but is an ideal way to get your case resolved outside of a courtroom. Consult with a Melbourne lawyer to help you know what to do and expect to get the most positive result of your mediation!